Bee Excited About Butterfly’s Contest!

Happy Monday! This week, I’ll be having fun with a special new contest. I’m not only giving away a signed copy of Bees In The Butterfly Garden, this particular contest includes so much more.

If you like butterflies, this is the contest for you!

As you can see from the picture, I’ve collected a variety of items, which I’ll list below individually. I’ve had so much fun choosing what to include that my simple little giveaway has added up to a retail value of around $100. I never realized how easy it would be to start a collection of butterfly items until I actually started looking.

Here’s what you’ll win if your name is drawn in my Punchtab contest:


Butterfly Basket Goodies:

Signed copy of Bees In The Butterfly Garden

Butterfly necklace

Butterfly earrings

Butterfly tea mug from Lenox

My signature blend of tea from Adiago Tea Company

Honey, straight from some Illinois bees

Tea Filter

Butterfly scarf

Butterfly makeup bag from Clinque

Assorted stationery/notepads/sticky notes featuring butterflies

Springtime playing cards

Butterfly tote bag

Butterfly tear bottle*

*The tear bottle is perhaps my favorite item in the collection, and something I’ve been known to give others for a few years now. Technically each gorgeous little bottle, this time with a butterfly on top, is a perfume bottle. Throughout history little bottles have held precious items like expensive perfumes or exotic spices, but the Bible tells us God collects our tears as if they’re every bit as precious, and puts them in a bottle. Because of that, I’m reminded tears aren’t just tears—they’re precious to the God who created me. Is it because He know those moments can bring us to those places where His presence is most keenly felt? Perhaps. Somehow that makes my tears a little easier to bear, and I hope by giving a tear bottle as such a reminder will do the same for others. It’s small enough to sit nearly anywhere, and I keep mine on my desk next to my computer, where I can see it every day.

One last thing as I launch this contest, a few technicalities. As many of you know, I readily admit to being technologically challenged. This is the first time I’m taking advantage of the Punchtab contest help, so please bear with me if we run across a glitch or two, especially on this opening day. Thankfully this contest will run two full weeks, not only to allow maximum participation, but for me to be sure everything is in perfect working order. So I hope you’ll participate!

As with any contest, the odds are directly related to how many people enter, and there is no purchase necessary to participate.

So, let’s get started!

Start here:



  1. says

    Am excited about Bees in the Butterfly Garden! I do love butterflies. I’m amazed at the different varieties throughout the world. I would love a chance to win Maureen’s gift pack.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dto com

    • says

      I love butterflies, too! My own “butterfly garden” inspired the title of this book, although sadly many of the plants I first added to my yard are gone for one reason or another. This year’s drought hasn’t helped! I guess I’m not the gardener my main character is. Thanks for entering the contest, Linda.

    • says

      I’m grinning because I only have one daughter, thank goodness, so I haven’t had to divide anything over the years. But I did choose the items in this goodie basket with my daughter in mind, things she would like! It really has been fun.

      Thanks for entering!

  2. Lori says

    I like butterflies too. In fact I have designed and copyrighted a butterfly labyrinth that hopefully will be going in the ground this summer. We just did part of an outline on a tarp that we will be using a template for the ground labyrinth.

    My labyrinth is actually a Butterfly Grief Labyrinth. I designed the butterfly labyrinth and a retired co-worker carved on wood my design so that afterward the plates (four were originally carved and I just had two more carved) could be used as “art” or whatever. A picture of one of the Butterfly Grief Labyrinth plates is at this Web site; You will need to scroll to the bottom to see the plate.

    • says

      Wow! Sounds like an ambitious but fascinating (and challenging!) process – but how rewarding once it’ll be in place. It would be interesting to photograph the process and share that online. Thanks for telling me about it!

  3. says

    Trying to win for my mom. She’s a butterfly collector.

    Step #3, liking the post on FB isn’t working for me. It keeps giving me an error. Is the link correct?


    • says

      I think I figured out my own answer. I hadn’t sent a friend request yet so it won’t allow me to like your posts. Just sent the request. :-)

    • says

      I think I figured out my own answer. I hadn’t sent a friend request yet so it won’t allow me to like your posts. Just sent the request. :-)

      • says

        I just checked the link and it does seem to be correct, but I think it’s only sending people to my Author Page, which is what I wanted (not to my other page). So I guess it’s working . . . I appreciate your diligence. But if you have any other trouble, please let me know! :-)

    • says

      Thanks, Brenda! Butterflies must be one of the most popular insects in Creation. :-) I know I don’t like many other bugs myself . . . but butterflies always make me smile.

  4. Bonny says

    Hi, I am really excited with this competition. I especially like what you said about the tear bottle and God. I needed that reminder… sometimes things hurt so much and you weep… I need to remember God is weeping with me too. Thank you for that reminder!
    Is this competition open to residents in Australia?
    I would really like the chance to win a signed copy of your book and the tear bottle. I love that you keep yours where you can see it regularly.
    thanks, Bonny

    • says

      Hi, Bonny,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’m glad the tear bottle idea is a blessing to you. I know it is to me, too.

      As far as International participation . . . that’s a great question, since what I normally do with book winners is send an electronic copy which avoids the high shipping charge. With this, however, because it’s a rather heavy box including various items, the shipping charges would probably cost as much as the goodie box itself! (I recall this from when my Australian friend came to visit me and she shipped a box home – yikes!)

      I’m going to check with my publisher, who is partnering with me in this contest, to see if they have any ideas. I’m sure we have options, and I’ll address it either here in the comments section or on my blog and Face book page. Thanks again for bringing this up!

      • Bonny says

        Hi Maureen,
        Thank you for your reply and that you are going to look into international shipping costs. I hope that costs aren’t too great and that I have the opportunity to win this fabulous prize.
        Thanks, Bonny

  5. says

    Hey I really enjoyed your novel Bees in a butterfly garden which I read last week. It was really good and very spellbinding. I received a copy from tyndale house publishers and posted a review on my website/blot if you’d like to see it. I would love to win this signed copy and the giftbasket it looks really neat. Thanks.

  6. Becky Ward says

    This sounds like a very interesting story. I love butterflies and would love to win the wonderful gift basket and the story. Thanks for the chance.

  7. says

    I love butterflies, bees aren’t even soo bad… Really enjoyed this book! I got it from Tyndale’s blogging program and wrote a review on my website. The way you portrayed grace, mercy and justice in this book was just what it should be in our lives. I intend to use the Pemberton’s form of addressing wrongdoings with my own children. Thanks for the giveaway. Would love to win of course.

    • says

      As the theme of grace, mercy and justice developed in this book, I was hoping it would be a good take-away thought (for myself, too!). I’m so happy to hear that’s come to pass. Thanks very much for sharing, Amy.

    • says

      Thanks, Judy! I know our books are like our children and if we have favorites it’s all of them for different reasons – this one is a favorite because of the cover. I knew it the moment I saw it! Thanks for stopping in. :-)

  8. Rosemary Krejsa says

    I was browsing on Facebook and saw a mention about your newest release on Family Fiction. It immediately caught my attention so I decided to come to your site and see for myself. I loved your explanation of the tear bottle. It made me think. I am definitely getting “Bees in the Butterfly Garden”. I always enjoy finding a new author. Thank you.

    • says

      Thanks, Rosemary! The tear bottles I’ve given in the past have always ended up blessing me, too, because the people receiving them seem to enjoy the message behind it as much as the gift itself. Thanks for joining the contest!

  9. Paula Osborne says

    Thanks for sharing this looks like a wonderful pkg you have put together, very creative…
    I would love to read this book too.
    Paula O(

  10. Brenda Hurley says

    July 17th,
    “Morning, Maureen”,
    “Butterflies” !!! I lhave “this thing” about butterflies, and I love them so very much !!! Butterfly earrings, t-shirts … almost anything with butterflies on it ! They represent ‘new life’, and ‘freedom’, to me. Thank-you for the chance to win this basket that you so carefully/thoughtfully assembled … what meaningful gifts. And I sure cannot wait to read your new book … (and the cover is very appealing and intriguing)..
    Please enter my name in the contest. Thanks so very much !
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda Hurley

  11. Brenda Hurley says

    July 17th,
    “Morning, Maureen”.
    Your gift-basket of “butterfly” items, sounds wonderful ! I am so fascinated/intrigued by butterflies … owning butterfly earrings, t-shirts … loving just about anything with pictures of butterflies on them. They represent ‘new life’, and, ‘freedom’ to me. Just naturally drawn/attracted to them, what can I say !
    I would love a chance to win this basket and your new book (love the front cover). Thank-you for putting together such a thoughtful gift !
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda Hurley

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