Failure As A Road To Success

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I came across a link recently that offers a list of people who experienced what seems more than their fair share of rejection—before finally finding success. This is always such an interesting facet of life to me. What is it that keeps some people going, and others not? Why is that line so variable, that line between persevering and giving up? It seems a long way to go for some to reach that line, while some may face it before others even notice they were headed that way.
I suppose our degree of doggedness depends on all kinds of things: everything from what’s in our DNA to the way we were raised and the people we keep around us. Some people have more energy and tolerance (as in pain tolerance!) while others must exert more effort for a satisfactory result. Some need more of a support system while others seem capable of persevering on their own power.

One thing I do know: to succeed at anything that’s hard, it takes focus. Nearly always thinking about what we want, working to improve, giving up other things in favor of this thing we want. That seems to be pretty universal to achieve something that isn’t just handed to us.

So this is a short post this week, mainly because as I’m writing this my head is under attack from a cold. It’s that time of year again, when the kids get together at school to exchange a plethora of germs and then bring them back to new homes.
Excuse me now while I go find a tissue…

One last thought as I leave you . . . have you defined where your own line for giving up is? Are you satisfied with where it is? Is it possible to change where the line is—pushing it out farther, or maybe to know when it’s time to bring it in? I love questions with no right or wrong answer.

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