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Convenient Bride CollectionWe hope you’ll enjoy getting to know the nine authors and their novellas included in The Convenient Brides collection. My story, Bonnets and Bees, is set during the tinderbox year of 1871. Some people remember that as the year of Chicago’s Great Fire, but conditions were so dry that wasn’t the only blaze that erupted in the Midwest. The dry prairie succumbed to many smaller fires, but the Peshtigo Fire in Wisconsin was actually the worst.

My heroine is a Milwaukee bonnet maker, married in name only to a farmer and beekeeper after her father’s will stipulated she marry in order to inherit the shop. Since the ceremony, she and her bee-loving husband continued living separate lives, barely sparing a moment’s thought to one another. But when her bonnet shop is destroyed by fire, she learns her insurance company was one of the many that went bankrupt due to so many claims that year. The last thing she wants to do is ask her husband for help. After all, he already did her the favor of marrying her so she won’t impose upon him again.

But her husband is a man she’s known only by name—and he has more noble intentions than she ever realized.

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The Cactus Creek Challenge by Erica Vetsch

A Secret Hope by Renee Yancy

A Bride for Keeps by Melissa Jagears

Two Brides Too Many by Mona Hodgson

The Oregon Trail Romance Collection with Jennifer Uhlarik

The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection with Gabrielle Meyer, Amanda Barratt, and Erica Vetsch

12 Brides of Summer Collection #2 with Maureen Lang

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Scavenger Hunt Stop #32



Follow the clues for a Chance to Win a Kindle Fire HDX or 30+ novels

Screenshot 2014-10-16 19.38.17Welcome to the Autumn 2014 Scavenger Hunt. You have arrived at Stop #32. The hunt begins at noon (Mountain Time Zone) on October 17, 2014. You may have arrived here before the start which could mean all of the sites aren’t ready quite yet. Once the official start has begun, you should go to Stop #1 and then work your way through the sites, gathering clues and entering bonus giveaways, until you reach the final stop which will also be on the site of Robin Lee Hatcher.

The hunt ends on Sunday, October 19, 2014 at one minute before midnight (Mountain). That means you have all of the weekend to finish it, so take your time. Enjoy reading the exclusive content the authors have prepared for you. You will collect a CLUE IN RED at each stop. Write them down as you go. At the end of the hunt, you will enter the clues into a Rafflecopter form. (The answer will make sense, even if you aren’t familiar with the quote.)

The hunt is open to international entries. The grand prize is a Kindle Fire HDX. Two runners-up will receive a new release from each of the participating authors.


Robin Lee Hatcher has prepared a “cheat sheet” with direct links to each author’s post in case a site goes down or a link gets broken. We hope there will be no such issues, but just in case, please make note of the URL for the Participating Authors & Stops page so you can check back and be able to complete the hunt.

And now for the Hunt!
For my turn during this Scavenger Hunt, I’m happy to present best-selling author Susan Sleeman, her favorite Christmas memory, and an introduction of her newest book, Silent Night Standoff.


I have two Christmas books releasing this year so my mind is already on Christmas and the many wonderful memories of Christmas’s past. Our family, like many of you, have traditions we keep each Christmas and we don’t often stray from them.

However, when we were planning a move from Orlando back to Oregon, our oldest daughter thought it a perfect time for a visit so we could all go to Disney World. What could be more fun that taking your four year old grandson to Disney so we gladly agreed.



We were able to get tickets for the much sought after Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. The event starts after the park closes for the day and tickets are limited so there is never a line for the rides. Bonus!

The entire park is lit up with amazing colors, there’s a special parade, incredible fireworks, and it even snows on Main Street. Oddly enough, the usual balmy Florida weather took a dive and we were bundled up to keep warm. It felt like snow was really falling from the sky.



Watching our grandson’s face light up at the fireworks, marvel at the parade was a priceless experience. I’ll especially remember the look of awe when we walked under Cinderella’s castle as it changed colors. Such an amazingly beautiful sight. Don’t you agree?


So what about you? What is your favorite Christmas memory?





SUSAN SLEEMAN is a best-selling author of inspirational and clean read romantic suspense books. Awards include Thread of Suspicion-2013 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Best Book Award, No Way Out-2014 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence finalist, and The Christmas Witness-2012 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence finalist. In addition to writing, Susan also hosts the popular website







Silent Night Standoff
Sleeman_CoverHOSTAGE SITUATION-When armed robbers strike her bank, hostage negotiator Skyler Brennan’s life is on the line. Rescue comes from the last person she thought she could count on the ex-boyfriend who chose his job over their relationship. FBI agent Logan Hunter knows how much is resting on this case. The promotion of his dreams and the safety of the woman he’s never been able to forget. But when an unexpected twist in the case pulls Logan in two separate directions, he’ll have to make an impossible choice. Will he manage to have it all by Christmas a career and love or will he lose them both? First Responders: Brave men and women alert and ready for danger and love.

Silent Night Standoff is available everywhere, including these fine online retailers:





“Terms and conditions: ONE entry per person. If we find you’ve registered under separate IDs, you’ll be disqualified. Please, be HONEST. Because, you know, Jesus would WANT you to be. If you’re an international winner, your prize will be the equivalent of what we’re offering in the USA in terms of USD$$, based on that day’s exchange rate, and what we can figure out in terms of online options (ex. Apple in Australia, etc.). If the Kindle Fire HDX is more expensive in your country than it is in the USA ($269 USD), we shall give you an Amazon gift card for the equivalent of the USD value. International runners-up winners will receive most of their books via Book Depository, and therefore, they cannot be autographed—sorry. The giveaway is open to those who are ages 15-17 with a parent or guardian’s permission and to those who are 18 and above.”


The Scavenger Hunt Skinny

Thanks so much for stopping by my site and participating in the new Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt. Before you move on to Stop #33, which is Susan Sleeman’s site, to pick up your next clue, be sure to write down this Stop #32 clue: SOME TO BE CHEWED

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But Before You Go

And now some info for my own little giveaway! First, let me thank you for participating in this Scavenger Hunt. I know they’re lots of fun, especially with added bonus chances along the way.

For my Giveaway, available only here on my blog, I’ll be awarding one winner my favorite gift, a tear bottle.


What’s a tear bottle? You might think this looks a bit like a fancy perfume bottle, and of course technically you’d be right. But for a long time, I’ve loved the verse in Psalms that reminds us we’re so precious to God that He keeps track of our tears. (Psalm 56:8) And so, since the Psalmist drew such a lovely image of God putting our tears in a bottle, I want to remind everyone that though we won’t escape tears in this life, we can rest in the knowledge of God’s love for us.

Please enter my contest below. This is in addition to the Scavenger Hunt entries that are collected on Robin’s site!
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Upcoming Scavenger Hunt!

I’m pleased to announce I’ll soon be participating in a Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt that will award one winner a Kindle Fire HDX and another winner a copy of some exciting new fiction! My new novella, part of a Christmas collection with three other wonderful Christian authors, will release this fall. To help celebrate, I’m joining a bigger group of friends for this huge giveaway. Tune in again for more details on the Hunt, closer to its October 17th kick off!

SH_Fall2014_coversFINALI’ll be running another mini-contest here on my website in addition to the Hunt, for a small basket of goodies including a copy of the 4-in-1 Christmas novella collection I’m part of. So mark your calendar! The Hunt will run from October 17th until the 19th, 2014.

A Book Giveaway!

All_In_Good_Time_Screen_ShotI’m taking a mid-week opportunity to share the news that I’m doing a giveaway on GoodReads! I’ll be giving away 5 copies of my most recent novel, All In Good Time, the story of Dessa Caldwell and Henry Hawkins—two people with pasts they’re not ready to share.

Here’s the description from the back cover:

to open Pierson House, a refuge for former prostitutes in Denver’s roughest neighborhood. But after exhausting all charitable donations, Dessa still needs a loan. Her last hope hinges on the owner of Hawkins National Bank.

he owns the most successful bank in town, but his initial capital came from three successful stage coach robberies. Though he’s Denver’s most eligible bachelor, to protect his past, he’s built a fortress around his heart that no one can penetrate . . . until the day Dessa Caldwell strolls into his bank requesting a loan.

Though he’s certain her proposal is a bad investment, Henry is drawn to Dessa’s passion. But that same passion drives her to make rash decisions about Pierson House . . . and about whom she can trust. One man might hold the key to the future of her mission—but he also threatens to bring Henry’s darkest secrets to light. As the walls around their hearts begin to crumble, Henry and Dessa must choose between their plans and God’s, between safety and love.

Click here to go to the GoodReads giveaway, or see the link below. This giveaway requires no purchase, and chances of winning depend upon the number of those who enter. The contest will end on October 10, 2013.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

All in Good Time by Maureen Lang

All in Good Time

by Maureen Lang

Giveaway ends October 10, 2013.

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Faith Filled Summer #1

Simple Faith: Where’s the Love?

Faith is one of those things that can be mysterious or simple, profound or child-like. It can be explored with depth and breadth and still leave room for questions. But in my daily experience, I’ve found it helpful to have certain foundational truths to fall back on, especially when something comes along that tries challenging what I believe.

thOne of the most basic tenets of my faith runs through my mind nearly every day, simply by thinking of the beautiful world we live in. I wish I could see these mountains and flowers out my window, but with a little imagination and help from Bing Free Images, I’m reminded of some extraordinary views like the one pictured here. Everywhere I turn, I see evidence of a Creator’s love. Green plants, wildflower colors, unimaginable fragrances, endless blue skies that often turn into a blaze of sunset colors. Need I search out the variety of playful puppies, the extraordinary variety of birds and fishes and other animals? Or tune in to Pandora to be reminded of the incredible musical gifts we enjoy, or turn to my book shelf to see story after story written by my friends, each one exhibiting creativity and an ability for knowledge that must be more than merely accidental?beautiful-birds-9

When I look at creation, or when I see evidence for a creative streak in mankind, I see proof of love in our Creator. If the universe is an accident, isn’t it extraordinary that something so accidental has resulted in so many varieties of things that appear to be here simply for us to enjoy? That, to me, is proof of a generous creator who enjoys not only what He’s created, but wants those He created to feel enjoyment, too. A generous creator has lavished gift after gift upon us not only for our survival, but for our pleasure. (I’ll talk more about fine tuning evidence for a creator in a future post.)

Love itself is evidence of a creator who bestowed such a gift on this world. We, as the created, can’t possess something our creator didn’t already have—how can we be greater than the one who made us? So love in itself is evidence of God and His love.

Seeing evidence for love by the bounty surrounding me and the wonder of feeling love myself, I look for evidence of where all these gifts came from. What world view offers a Creator who is loving? Buddhism instructs its followers to love others, but does it offer a source of love outside ourselves? At its core I see Buddhism as a works-based world view, with its followers striving toward denying oneself, seeing desire as the source of what’s wrong in this world. But it doesn’t claim a loving, personal God. Does Islam, another works-based program, reveal a God whose desire is to spend eternity with each and every one of us? Ultimately even the most faithful Muslim cannot know, when they cross that bridge connecting this life to the next, if they will fall into the side of Heaven or Hell, because that moment will play out according to the whim of Allah (unless you give your life while taking the lives of infidels—is that love?). I admit I have not studied the over 2,000 gods found in the Hindu religion, but like Buddhism this is a system of working toward liberation from a cycle of birth/death/rebirth, paying forward positive karmic energy which will ultimately lead to something like nirvana, a state of liberation. But if liberation means an end—both of suffering and of identity, is there any sense of love found in that? An end in what basically equates to annihilation?

There are other worldviews, of course, but in my search so far I find love only in the Bible, where a creative God explains that He wants to spend eternity with us. So much that He was willing to take on human flesh in the form of a Savior named Jesus to clean up my imperfections, as a gift, so I can share the presence and fellowship of a perfect God.

That’s love, and the Bible is riddled with it. Next week I’ll talk about the Bible itself, and why I believe in it. So stay tuned!

In the mean time, if you’d like to be in the running to help me make some space on my bookshelves, enter the contest below for a chance to win the following four Christian fiction titles:

2013-06-23 03.58.27Lilies in the Moonlight by Allison Pittman
Surrender the Dawn by MaryLu Tyndall
House of Secrets by Tracie Peterson
From a Distance by Tammy Alexander

Wonderful writers, all! I’ve either purchased these books or received them as gifts from various conferences I’ve attended. These are all favorite authors for me, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy these entertaining stories. No purchase is required to enter for a chance to win all four of these books in one shipment, and the odds of winning depend upon the number of those who enter. (Continental US only, please.)



Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Stop #8



Welcome to the 2013 Summer Scavenger Hunt! This hunt has 32 stops and runs from noon on 5/17 through 5/19/13. You can make the loop, reading unique content from 31 different authors, and if you complete the loop, and fill out the Rafflecopter form at Stop #32, you’ll be in the running for an iPad Mini (loaded with all our books), or one of two runner-up prizes—all 31 of our new releases in paperback. In addition, some authors (like me, here at Stop #8!) are offering additional prizes, so be sure to read each post to the end to be in the running for all that are available. The contest is open internationally.


If you’ve JUST discovered the hunt, I recommend you begin at the beginning, Stop #1, found at But you can also begin here, and keep on rolling. Just be aware that you must have the COMPLETED phrase in order, which you construct gathering the clue at each stop, within 24 hours of email notification from Lisa Bergren that you won. If Lisa doesn’t hear back from you with the correct phrase within the time limit, she will move on to the next winner Rafflecopter draws. Ready? Here we go…

For my stop, I’m hosting my friend and colleague:
Many of you have seen Margaret highlighted on my site before. After all, she’s written 84 books! So I’m especially excited to be hosting her for our contest. I loved hearing about her Texas Ranger series, first because the whole Texas Ranger image conjures up all kinds of history and drama. I also know Margaret loves to do research! I hope you enjoy reading about some of the Ranger’s history.
But first, in case you missed previous visits from Margaret and would like to know a little about her, here’s an official bio:

1-Margaret Daley photo-jpg

Margaret Daley, an award-winning author of eighty-four books, has been married for over forty years and is a firm believer in romance and love. When she isn’t traveling, she’s writing love stories, often with a suspense thread and corralling her three cats that think they rule her household. To find out more about Margaret visit her website at or on Facebook and Twitter.

The History of the Texas Rangers

By Margaret Daley

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the baseball team in Dallas called the Texas Rangers. I’m talking about the oldest state organization of law enforcement officers. Sam Austin formed the first version of the Texas Rangers in 1823. The word “rangers” was coined because these men ranged over the land they protected and guarded.

Through the early years the Texas Rangers, one of the main duties of the group was to protect the people against Indians. Then after the Civil War in 1874 the organization was divided into six companies with 75 men and usually a captain. Their duties were partly a soldier and partly a police officer. By the 1900s the organization totally focused on enforcing the law. A Texas Ranger was called in when the case was too risky for the local agency.

Texas Ranger in office.
Texas Ranger in office.

Today there are 150 Texas Rangers who served the state in many investigative capacities. They are part of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The Texas Rangers’ headquarters is in Austin. There are six companies: Company “A” headquartered in Houston, Company “B” in Garland, Company “C” in Lubbock, Company “D” in McAllen, Company “E” in El Paso, and Company “F” in San Antonio. The companies were adjusted recently.

Texas Ranger rifle
Texas Ranger rifle

The Texas Rangers handle the usual kind of cases like murder, assault, robbery and kidnapping, but they are also tasked with investigating threats against the governor and other state and federal officials. I used some of these crimes for the stories in my series: The Men of the Texas Rangers (Saving Hope, Shattered Silence and Scorned Justice).

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 3.14.55 PM
Margaret Daley’s newest release is Scorned Justice, #3 in her Men of Texas Rangers series. It is available at bookstores or online at Amazon  Barnes & Noble Christian Book Distributors and wherever fine books are sold.


Write down this clue:  sometimes,

Have it written down? Great! After checking out my contest here, head on over to Margaret Daley’s Stop #9 for the next clue!


To join in the fun of the giveaway, I’m having my own little giveaway right here. So if you don’t win the BIG prize of an iPad Mini and the 31 books from all of the authors participating in this Scavenger Hunt, you’ll still have a chance to be a winner right here. What am I offering?

All_In_Good_Time_Screen_ShotBees in the Butterfly Garden

My Gilded Age series, Bees In The Butterfly Garden and All In Good Time. Domestic (US winners) can choose between e-versions or print books, and International winners are eligible for e-versions only.

Plus one of my favorite gifts to give: A Tear Bottle
2013-05-09 05.56.09

What’s a tear bottle? It’s my favorite gift to give, accompanied by the following note:

This little bottle was manufactured as a perfume bottle, and can be used as such . . . but that wasn’t my intention in purchasing this for you. Not long ago I was reminded of the verse in Psalms about God keeping track of our tears by putting them in a bottle. Envisioning that, I realized our tears must be precious to Him, precious enough to be stored like expensive perfumes or spices. So I bought myself a pretty perfume bottle that sits on my desk to remind me that God must have a purpose in our tears.

I hope this “tear bottle” for you will be a reminder of God’s love, while I pray that a rarity of your tears (except from laughter) is part of why they’re so precious.

Maureen Lang


To enter my contest, in addition to the Scavenger Hunt, simply follow the instructions below. If you haven’t already, you can earn an extra chance if you “Like” my Facebook Author Page.



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Enjoy the Hunt! Now off you go, clue in hand (sometimes,) and on to Stop #9!