For Readers

Maureen Lang in home library

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my books! There is nothing more affirming than to hear people say they’ve been touched in a positive way from something I’ve written. Please e-mail me and I will make every effort to write back.

I consider myself a reader more than a writer. To be perfectly honest, I just write what I feel like reading and so I’m fulfilling my desire for the kind of book I might be looking for at the time.

In fact, as I’m creating a book I’m what some people call a “seat of the pants” writer. That means I don’t create a detailed outline of the book I’m writing, so there are almost as many surprises along the way for me as for my readers.

I also get ideas from people in every area of my life. So if you have a fun idea, a memorable situation, a quirky friend or relative that really needs to be put on paper for posterity’s sake, let me know about it. Something may turn out to be just the right fit for whatever I’m working on at the time.

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I’ll keep my website updated for future releases and I hope you’ll visit with me again. In the mean time, please check out my blog to see what will be coming to the bookstore shelves soon. Don’t forget to sign up for my quarterly newsletter (use the sign up form on the right)! Each issue is packed with newsie news and a contest.


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